Our Rebates

  • We are a family focussed service and endeavour to keep our cost as economical as possible.
  • Please refer to “Programs” for specific fees.
  • Medicare and Private Health Rebates apply.

Medicare & Health Rebates

  • Medicare Rebates may apply through the ‘Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative’ if assessed eligible via a GP, private paediatrician or psychiatrist.
  • If seeking a referral via your GP, a ‘GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (items 2700, 2701, 2715 or 2717)’ must be completed (please book a double appointment).
  • If seeking a referral via a private paediatrician or psychiatrist the referral may be in the form of a letter or note and eligibility for the Medicare rebate is based on the following specialist attendance items:
         - Specialist psychiatrists & paediatricians – items 104 through 109
         - Consultant physician psychiatrists – items 293 through 370
         - Consultant physician paediatricians – items 110 through 133.
  • Medicare rebate is $359.40 following full payment. (Please note referral needs to be acquired prior to the initial appointment to be eligible for the full rebate).

Please click here for further information about Medicare.

  • Private health funds offer rebates for clinical psychology services depending on your specific cover – no referral required.
  • Medicare or private health receipts will be issued at session 6 and at the follow-up session. The reason for this is that the invoice / receipt can only be processed once your child has attended the sessions noted on the receipt.