Parent Seminars

Resilience / Social Skills / Emotional Management

  • Being part of a group helps children to explore difficult issues in a supportive and fun learning environment, where they can practice and receive helpful feedback from the group leaders and their peers.
  • We offer comprehensive weekly group programs and a series of workshops, designed for children aged 6 - 12 years, facilitated by experienced clinical psychologists.
  • We are a family focussed service and endeavour to keep our cost as economical as possible (Medicare and health rebates further reduce costs).

Strategies to Build Your Child’s Emotional Resilience

Parent Information Video

Based on the latest research, we provide a complementary video parent information session, included as part of our comprehensive weekly program, which will cover :

  • Strategies to build your child’s resilience, social skills and self-confidence
  • Ways to help your child manage difficult emotions and build their emotional intelligence
  • Ways to improve the quality of your relationship with your child
  • Strategies and skills provided to the children in the group programs