School Programs

Resilience / Social Skills / Emotional Management

  • Being part of a group helps children to explore difficult issues in a supportive and fun learning environment, where they can practice and receive helpful feedback from the group leaders and their peers.
  • We offer comprehensive weekly group programs and a series of workshops, designed for children aged 6 - 12 years, facilitated by experienced clinical psychologists.
  • We are a family focussed service and endeavour to keep our cost as economical as possible (Medicare and health rebates further reduce costs).

School Workshops & Programs

The Life Skills program offers a customised program that can be delivered within the school environment to address the needs of students with identified social and emotional issues. It has the important benefit of children practising the skills with peers who they interact with on a daily basis.

Which students would benefit from attending?

The program is suitable for all children and it is particularly beneficial for children experiencing:

  • Friendship struggles
  • Bullying, teasing, exclusion
  • Low self-esteem & self-confidence
  • School work pressures
  • Anxiety, sadness, loneliness

How is it different from other social & emotional learning delivered within the curriculum?

  • Experienced clinical psychologists who specialise in social and emotional skill development deliver the program
  • Smaller group sizes allow the opportunity to cater for the needs of the children in a way that is not often possible in whole class programs
  • Parents and teachers are provided with practical recommendations about ongoing skill development for each child.

  • Consultation to schools

    Professional development and training in the area of resilience, social skill development and supporting the emotional needs of children within the school environment is available.

    Please contact us directly to discuss the specific needs at your school.

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