Weekly Programs

Resilience / Social Skills / Emotional Management

  • Being part of a group helps children to explore difficult issues in a supportive and fun learning environment, where they can practice and receive helpful feedback from the group leaders and their peers.
  • We offer comprehensive weekly group programs and a series of workshops, designed for children aged 6 - 12 years, facilitated by experienced clinical psychologists.
  • We are a family focussed service and endeavour to keep our cost as economical as possible (Medicare and health rebates further reduce costs).

Social & Emotional Skills

Comprehensive 6 Week Program Saturday & Weekday Sessions (Years 1-7)

Grouped with similar aged children, this program focuses on the important emotional management skills and also has a strong focus on relationship skills:

  • Communication & interpersonal skills – including assertiveness & negotiation & bullying management skills
  • Friendship making skills
  • Identifying and understand feelings
  • Coping and Emotional regulation strategies
  • Helpful self-talk

Fee – $880 (Inclusive of 9 clinical psychology sessions: two individual, six 1 ½ hour group sessions, Parent Information video).

Medicare & Health rebates can apply to reduce final cost to $411 out of pocket expense.


Please click here for further program details.

  • Weekly group sessions are 1.5 hours in duration.
  • You and your child will be invited to attend an initial appointment, prior to your child being offered a place in the group. At this initial appointment you will:

              1. Meet with the group leader.

              2. Learn more about the details of the program.

              3. Discuss ways you would like your child to benefit from attending.

              4. Jointly decide whether the group will be suitable for your child’s needs and which age group they will suit best.

              5. If there are any concerns you do not feel comfortable sharing in front of your child, please be sure to add these details on the enrolment form.

              6. Please note, for the group to be beneficial for your child, it is important that they have a sufficient level of skill to manage their behaviour including: attention, concentration and an ability to follow instructions cooperatively. If you are unsure, please discuss this with us over the phone and if it is still uncertain, this can be further assessed at the initial appointment.

  • 6-8 weeks following completion of the group, you and your child will be invited to attend a follow-up appointment to discuss specific feedback about your child in the group. The reason for this delay is to allow the children sufficient opportunity to practice and integrate the skills they have learned both at home and school.
  • Weekly parent information sheets are provided detailing the specific skills covered and strategies for transferring the skills to the home and school environments.
  • Sessions are held on weekdays after school and Saturdays at the Canning Vale Community Centre
  • Session Times – Saturday mornings 9- 10.30 am or 11.00 am -12.30 pm – Children are allocated to session times, based on their developmental age group.